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Real MXN

About MXNe

Real MXN (MXNe) is a stablecoin developed to redefine the interaction between the local Mexican economy and global finance. It enhances local value capture, promotes on-chain transparency, and ensures stability through decentralized pegging mechanisms. The adoption and use of MXNe improves the decentralization of stablecoins by opening up the value capture to the communities who create the value.

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Benefits of MXNe

Community-driven financial growth

MXNe empowers local communities by facilitating the creation and management of their own stablecoin. This approach keeps the economic benefits within the community and aligns with local financial needs and goals.

MXN aligned

MXNe offers a stable and secure alternative to traditional stablecoins. The on-chain pegging minimizes volatility and safeguards against economic fluctuations, making MXNe a reliable store of value even during financial uncertainties.

Protocol enabled

MXNe operates open protocols, allowing for real-time auditing and increased user trust. This transparency ensures that all transactions and the stablecoin’s backing are visible and verifiable by anyone.


MXNe is always redeemable 1:1 for the equal value of Mexican Pesos. Brale asserts that the balance of treasury assets is equal to or greater than the tokens issued, as of the following dates.

Reserves as of September 30, 2023

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