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Introducing MXNe | Brale Blog

We're happy to announce that we've partnered with Etherfuse to issue Real MXN (MXNe), a stablecoin developed on Solana and Stellar. MXNe will support on-chain payments, remittances, and payroll in the local Mexican economy.

The MXNe stablecoin, made possible through our partnership with Brale, has the potential to revolutionize the way we transact and capture value. This is a significant step forward, benefiting the communities who create, develop, promote, and use it. Brale is a genuinely legendary team, and we look forward to creating a platform that allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to develop a Stablecoin in any currency.

David Taylor
David Taylor
Founder & CEO, Etherfuse

Real MXN (MXNe)

MXNe was developed to redefine the interaction between the local Mexican economy and global finance. By using MXNe, communities can stimulate local economic growth and retain more value from their financial activities.

Mexico is the third largest recipient of remittances globally after China and India, with nationals living abroad having sent $51.6 billion to the country annually. While current cross-border flows using USD-denominated stablecoins place the FX burden on the receiver, local merchants and consumers can leverage MXNe to transact with lower fees.

Additionally, MXNe allows app developers and ecosystem participants to benefit from economic incentives of growing MXNe.

Acquiring MXNe

MXNe can be acquired by directly onboarding with Brale to mint new MXNe. U.S. businesses in supported states can mint and redeem MXNe 1:1 with USDC or USDP directly from their Brale accounts.


In the future, MXNe will be available on the Etherfuse platform, with additional listings on local exchanges and on and off ramps.

Building with MXNe

Application developers can integrate MXNe into their applications using the Brale API and Etherfuse SDK. We're excited about the potential for MXNe to be leveraged in remittance and merchant POS systems with instant settlement and lower fees.

We’re excited to work with Etherfuse to bring MXNe to Stellar and Solana, and expect this to be the first of many payments applications supporting MXNe. If you're interested in building with MXNe, please reach out to our team.

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