Announcing support for Canton Network

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Announcing support for Canton Network | Brale Blog

We’re excited to announce that we’re supporting Canton Network to bring native, regulated stablecoins to the ecosystem. Brale-issued stablecoins will support payments, liquidity on-ramps, and interoperability between leading blockchains and Canton.

We are thrilled to welcome Brale to the Canton Network as a key stablecoin issuer. Stablecoins are instrumental in our mission to revolutionize financial connectivity by enabling seamless payments and interoperability across the financial ecosystem.

Eric Saraniecki
Eric Saraniecki
Co-Founder, Digital Asset

Canton Network

Canton Network is a decentralized network of networks that allows previously silo’d financial systems to interoperate with the privacy, permissions, and controls needed for regulated industries. Launched by Digital Asset in 2023, Canton is supported by over 30 leading financial institutions, infrastructure providers, and technology firms.

Through its Global Sychronizer, Canton enables financial institutions to securely synchronize assets, data, and cash across applications in real-time with guaranteed privacy. Canton is the first open, decentralized public-permissioned network designed with the privacy and controls to support regulated financial assets.

Supporting stablecoins on Canton

U.S. businesses in supported states will be able to mint and redeem stablecoins on Canton 1:1 with USDC, USDP, PYUSD on 10+ blockchain networks, and via wire and ACH.

SBC and Brale-issued stablecoins will support cross-border payments, FX, and liquidity flows between the wider ecosystem of public blockchains. SBC is fully backed by cash, cash equivalents, and short-term U.S. government bonds held in U.S. financial institutions, with independent reserve attestations issued monthly by a third-party accounting firm.

Building on Canton

We’re excited to join the Canton Network ecosystem and grow the future of capital markets. To learn more about building with stablecoins on Canton, please reach out to our team.

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  • Chase Merlin | Brale
    Chase Merlin
    Sr Product Manager
  • Ben Milne | Brale
    Ben Milne
  • Matt Franczak | Brale
    Matt Franczak
    Technical Lead
  • Michael McAllister | Brale
    Michael McAllister
    Technical Lead