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Leverage Brale's Treasury infrastructure to back your bespoke fiat-backed digital dollar stablecoin. Fund your stablecoins with off-chain or on-chain transactions while making them available for others to purchase.

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Your stable, your design

Pick your ticker symbol, stablecoin logo, and which blockchain ecosystems to deploy on, and just like that, you've got an actual bespoke stablecoin. You pick the primitives, and our technology will take care of the rest.

Instant listing, right on our platform

Instant listing
Compatibility with the ecosystem
Availability for others to buy
No listing costs
No liquidity requirements
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Do you need $10M & a law degree to launch a stable?

Working with Brale, deploying a stablecoin takes only as long as the block confirmations take. In the afternoon, you can launch a bespoke multi-chain stablecoin available to everyone on the Brale platform.

Multi-chain right out of the gate

The same technology we use to power SBC

Treasury is the technology that sits behind SBC, that makes it all possible. Instead of keeping that technology from everyone, we're sharing it with everyone. Treasury is the technology financial infrastructure that makes launching bespoke stablecoins possible alongside existing regulations.

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Premium features to support your ambitions

Automated Audited Smart Contracts

Deploy audited customizable smart contracts to optimize risk management, fees, and more. Brale manages smart contract updates so you don't have to.

Signing Partners

Brale supports hybrid signing with MPC or multi-sig controlled contracts to enhance security and operational efficiency for your team.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Get premium product and technical support from a team with deep knowledge of your business. We work directly with your team through a dedicated slack channel.

Host Your Contract

Treasury works with your existing smart contracts. List your stablecoin for mints and redemptions on current chains, while Treasury helps you expand onto new chains without any development.


We continuously monitor the SDN list and update smart contracts to block sanctioned addresses on all blockchains to keep your stablecoins safe.

Talk to Sales

To support these premium features and other needs at your organization, schedule a demo with our team.

Leverage the power of protocols with your own branded stablecoin

Stablecoins could foster the development of global payment arrangements that are faster, cheaper and more inclusive.

Bank for International Settlements

Stablecoins have experienced tremendous growth… serving as a possible breakthrough innovation in the future of payments.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Stablecoins have the potential to reduce costs of cross-border remittances; complement and improve existing payments' infrastructure, and generate efficiencies for large, regulated entities.

International Monetary Fund
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