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At Brale, we have a strong opinion about product

We believe in interrogating theories before solving, vetting great solutions before marketing, and proving products before selling. We believe products should speak for themselves when they are ready to do so.

Because of these beliefs, our website remains minimal: a blank canvas ready for what's to come. We believe our website shouldn't do, say, promote or express theories, solutions, or products until people can experience them first-hand. Until then, our team continues to focus on building day-to-day and working directly with early client feedback. After all, as the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day.

We're a small team focused on building technologies enabling financial services and for our clients to manage assets on-chain. We will begin sharing more about these products as they are ready.

The strongest foundations

Brale was created with the awareness that both CeFi and DeFi work — neither is broken. Two examples of the promising features each offer: CeFi has stability and regulatory mapping. DeFi has 24/7 access and a global footprint. But we believe pulling some of the best elements from both worlds presents opportunities.

Merging the best of both worlds is a theme in our work, and we believe this is where we add the most value to the financial ecosystem. Each product we ship will aim for a particular enabling opportunity we think helps the ecosystem.

More to come

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  • Ben Milne | Brale
    Ben Milne
  • Chase Merlin | Brale
    Chase Merlin
    Sr Product Manager
  • Jared Dellitt | Brale
    Jared Dellitt
  • Jami Milne | Brale
    Jami Milne
    Creative Director
  • Kenny Miesner | Brale
    Kenny Miesner
    Sr Designer
  • Rocky Warren | Brale
    Rocky Warren
    Principal Engineer