Our Q3 hiring cohort

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Ben Milne | Brale
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Our Q3 hiring cohort | Brale Blog

Updated: 2024-07-15

Due to an overwhelming number of applicants, we are no longer accepting new applications. We are now focused on interviewing the applicants who have already applied.

If you'd like to be notified when the application process reopens, please fill out this form, and we will update you as new positions become available.

Brale does team planning differently. We hire in cohorts which allows us to optimize for a few things:

  • Support a consistent onboarding experience

  • Give the process our undivided attention

  • Align our team expansion directly to business needs

This tightly coupled approach also ensures that we don't end up with bloated hiring roadmaps that decouple from client demands. Our 2024 sales objectives have already been met and Brale is focused now on delivering those programs. These roles will assist us in expanding the velocity to realize revenue and build the business.

If you know someone for which this could be a good fit, we'd just ask for an old fashioned reference. We don't offer referral bonuses, we don't pay recruiters, and we don't use third parties to interview candidates. These are important things to know about us and this will also give you an idea of the type of team you could be working with. We do the work. We are very small (11 people) as of this writing, pay competitive salaries, and everyone gets equity.

For Q3, we have our largest hiring cohort since the company began and here are the roles that we have open as of today, and what those roles would actually be doing:

Software Engineer | Full Stack

You'll work in the heart of the engineering organization and the scope of work you'll be exposed to will be varied. You'll spend a meaningful amount of time in systems that normalize instructions across blockchain infrastructures and inventing solutions that simply don't exist yet. You'll work with people who enjoy solving problems and are not likely to be afraid of new challenges.

Software Engineer | Front End

You'll partner with design to implement delightful experiences. This involves development work on, our stablecoin issuance application, and various unannounced products. You probably like to imagine experiences that put a smile on people's face and you really sweat the details.

Security Engineer

You'll work in the heart of the engineering organization with a specialty in hardening processes and systems. You'll partner with an experienced team focused on various systems, particularly AWS focused, and an external CISO advisor on various implementations.

Financial Controller

You'll partner cross functionally on two core functions of the business. The first is reporting functions that have to do with the day-to-day operations (P&L, Projections, etc) in collaboration with a very high functioning set of fractional team members. You'll also be a key part of managing day-to-day reserve activities. You'll likely be the first customer for many internal systems being developed. You'll be on the front lines of building the reporting frameworks for new blockchain based systems.

There are a few other items to be aware of before applying. If you join the team, we want you to be successful and to do that we need to be transparent about some observations on what makes someone successful at Brale.

The first is that the company hires remotely and there is no inherent home base. Everyone works from where they are and we get together as a team one time per quarter. These gatherings are not optional and are an important part of how we work together. We've also found that it's very difficult for team members located outside of CST / EST / PST to keep with the regular operating cadence of the business.

The second is that we hire passionate people who care about the problems we are working on. If building computers that flip the bits which power economies and create opportunities in the world is your thing, you'll probably love the work. We've also noticed that relating to our norms as a company sets up people for success. This likely means you have a meaningful appreciation for the power of protocols and often think about ways to improve systems using the latest technologies.

The third is that, for most of us, working on this team is not a way to spend our days, it is a way of impacting the change we see as possible in the world. We believe when executing with that level of care, we can not only make a meaningful impact on the world but everyone on the team as well. We expect this level of care and appreciation for the opportunity ahead from everyone on the team. For a large percentage of the company, our reward system is seeing what people do with our products and seeing our clients exceed their objectives.

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  • Ben Milne | Brale
    Ben Milne
  • Michael McAllister | Brale
    Michael McAllister
    Technical Lead
  • Matt Franczak | Brale
    Matt Franczak
    Technical Lead