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Introducing Treasury | Brale Blog

Treasury is the financial infrastructure to back your bespoke stablecoin. Using Treasury alongside Base, you can deploy a bespoke stablecoin in about an hour.

As we have found in countless conversations, maintaining an appropriate treasury and reporting can be very difficult. Treasury doesn't remove those barriers, but it does automate many of the complexities for you.

Treasury is also the financial infrastructure that sits behind SBC, our example stablecoin built to demonstrate best practices in fiat-backed digital dollar stablecoins. As we have found in countless conversations, maintaining an appropriate treasury to back a stablecoin and reporting can be a difficult challenge that many projects never get over. We've designed this product to behave more like a FinTech balance that you deposit and withdraw from.

Deploying a new fiat-backed stablecoin is simple once you automate, codify, and build the appropriate regulatory structure to support it. It's really hard though if you have to do all that from scratch.

Your primitives, your stablecoin design. Give it a shot.

Brale UI screen recording of creating a bespoke

The anatomy of the Brale stack with Treasury

With Base, a financial institution can use their own treasury to back a digital asset. With Treasury, you can use our Treasury infrastructure to back your bespoke digital dollar stablecoin dramatically increasing the number of potential projects we can help launch and grow.

Brale's Your Stablecoin (YSBC), Base, and Treasury product

Extending traditional finance

Stablecoins backed by Treasury can be deployed on retail main-nets Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Celo. We are working with clients to decide what additional blockchains to add to the product and look forward to your feedback. By matching ecosystems against their purpose, we aim to give you the option to pick the most suitable blockchain ecosystem for the use cases you're focused on. We'll continue adding new blockchains alongside demand.

Deploy multi-chain stablecoins out of the box

Your bespoke stablecoin will be instantly swappable on any blockchain ecosystem Brale supports, and alongside stablecoins created by others in the community if they wish to make their stablecoin available to others. When swapping between stablecoins using Treasury, there is no slippage and the only fees associated are the gas fees. This maintains an accurate count of natural supply even when the stablecoin ticker changes.

Liquidity focused

Attestations are made monthly directly to clients backing their stablecoins with the Brale Treasury. Using Treasury alongside Base, a business can create and deploy fully fiat backed stablecoin product in about an hour.

With Treasury, we handle the complexity of the treasury functions and all the associated reporting so you can mint, swap, redeem as you and your market applications require. Treasury reduces the barrier for people to build innovations on new protocols extending the power of CeFi. A core part of our vision for the future of finance.

Designed like a utility

Treasury is designed to enable funds movement. To get value from where it is to where it needs to go without provocative design considerations. There are no bridges and there are no wrapped coins. It is designed to be most useful by not being exciting, to be reliably what it is, and by being responsible.

Treasury is in Alpha. If you're interested in using the product you can sign in and validate your business to request access.

Disclaimer: Treasury is not available to consumers and is only available to businesses in the United States where we are authorized to sell this product. We are only onboarding business clients in small batches in the jurisdictions where we have regulatory approval to do so.

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