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Announcing support for Stellar | Brale Blog

We're excited to announce that we've added support for institutions to create and manage bespoke digital assets on the Stellar Network.

Base and Treasury enable businesses to create assets on Stellar in minutes by abstracting tokenization, gas fees, private key management, and all of the underlying technology. Digital assets can be automated against reserve assets held at institutions or backed by fiat reserves held in Brale's treasury infrastructure.

Brale UI recording of selecting the Stellar blockchain while minting a

SBC, our bespoke example stablecoin is now live on Stellar and can be swapped between Stellar and leading Ethereum compatible blockchains. Assets deployed on Stellar are interoperable with all assets deployed on Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and Celo.

Total Supply

Stellar Network

Stellar is a leading blockchain for real-world asset issuance and payments with a global network of exchanges, wallets, and on and off ramp providers in over 180 countries. Our implementation of Stellar completely abstracts the complexity of non-EVM environment and new digital assets can be deployed in about 15 seconds.

Fast settlement, near-zero fees, built-in compliance controls, and interoperability with existing payment rails make Stellar an ideal network for financial applications. Enterprises, NGOs, and financial institutions including Franklin Templeton, Wisdom Tree, and Moneygram are building on Stellar today.

With $0.000001 transaction fees, payments on Stellar won't even register in 2 decimal accounting systems making it ideal for high volume transactions or B2B applications. While transaction fees on other networks resemble costs for wire transfers and ACH, Stellar fees are less expensive by several orders of magnitude and resemble costs of relational database updates.

Chart comparing the average cost of Ethereum, Avalanche, and Stellar to
traditional payments

Through Base and Treasury, we hope to enable more institutions to leverage Stellar for payments and financial applications without custom development.

Using Assets on Stellar

Bespoke assets can be used throughout the Stellar ecosystem on DEXs and leading wallets including Freighter, xBull, Solar Wallet, and Lobstr. We're working to add additional integrations with wallets and on and off ramp partners in the future.

To add SBC for testing on Stellar in any of these applications, you'll need to add a trustline as a supported asset. Include SBC as the asset code, and the issuing wallet by copying the address below.

We're excited to be part of the Stellar ecosystem and look forward to building together.

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