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Stable Coin (SBC)

SBC is a fiat backed digital dollar stable coin built using a combination of Base and Treasury. Businesses in specific US states can buy, redeem, and use SBC at no cost.

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Store your SBC, your value, in whatever blockchain ecosystem you prefer. Custody with a qualified custodian and use your own wallets. SBC was built to be an example of a high quality fiat backed digital dollar. Keep it here, take it with you. It’s up to you.

Here for the ecosystem. Multi-chain by design.

Private or Public

SBC is interoperable across public chains and permissioned networks. Control where SBC lives with the ability to swap between networks at any time.

Enforced Natural Supply

Enforced Natural Supply

SBC is swapped cross-chain without wrapping or locking, ensuring that the amount in circulation always matches the underlying treasury backing SBC.


Create your own stablecoin to match your brand or ecosystem, using the same technology and treasury infrastructure that powers SBC.

Built for the no-rails future on top of a hundred years of know how

Stablecoins bring financial inclusion globally and will be the future standard of currency transactions on the blockchain.

Austin Campbell
Columbia Business School (former Paxos executive)

Stablecoins see further growth through their facilitation of more inclusive payments and financial systems, the next generation of payments, the tokenization of financial markets, and possible next-generation innovations.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Stablecoins have the potential to reduce costs of cross-border remittances; complement and improve existing payments’ infrastructure, and generate efficiencies for large, regulated entities.

International Monetary Fund
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