Stablecoin Issuance CLI

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Chase Merlin | Brale
Jared Dellitt | Brale

The CLI offers convenient access to all of the features of the Issuance API directly from the command line. We've found this is helpful to developers when first exploring the API and streamlining common actions like minting and redeeming stablecoins.

This guide walks through setting up the CLI and demonstrates how you can use it to manage your account and mint stablecoins.

Speed up common workflows

The CLI supports minting and redeeming stablecoins with USD or USDC on all supported blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Celo, Base, Optimism, Stellar, and Solana.

Here's the CLI command to mint SBC on Base via wire transfer in about 30 seconds.

$ brale mint SBC --amount 1000 --chain Base --destination 2RQTaqBGv2qu5KfhIvT4qOPrgKG

You can use the redeem command to redeem back to USD or USDC.

$ brale redeem SBC --amount 1000 --chain Base --payment wire --financial-institution 2H2kPIuCybo6OU9XJycKOLpsFBc

Getting started

To generate an API key and begin testing, you can log in to your account and generate a testnet or mainnet key to configure the CLI.

Generate an API key in the Brale

Get Started

Follow the CLI docs to start testing

CLI Docs


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