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We were recently introduced to the MPCVault team by our friends at Glo Dollar. MPCVault is a multi-sig, non-custodial wallet for teams and institutions to manage on-chain assets while retaining control of their keys.

This solves a few key challenges for teams:

  • A shared operating system to create vaults, wallets, and operational frameworks with a simple interface for managing approvals.
  • The ability to design workflows and delegate whose approval is needed for various transactions with flexible policies.
  • Support for all tokens on many blockchains, including assets issued by new projects.

The last point is especially interesting for teams managing SBC, USDGLO, or their own stablecoins in a third-party wallet where they need multi-user authorization controls or even payouts.

MPCVault has just about everything a team could ask for in a multi-sig, non-custodial wallet.

Multi-chain support

MPCVault has support for all major EVM chains and non-EVM chains like Solana. Your assets might be on different chains, but MPCVault makes applying the same approval flows much easier.

MPCVault supported blockchains and assets including Ethereum, Polygon,
Avalanche C-Chain, Optimism, Base, and Solana -

MPCVault also exposes a single address for all EVM chains, eliminating the risk many multi-sig solutions face when counterparties transact on the wrong wallet. Users can maintain the same address across all EVM chains and manage tokens in a single view.

Support custom assets out of the box

MPCVault supports all standard assets on all supported chains without any listing fee or integration. Add custom stablecoins like SBC or USDGLO by clicking on the Token List and adding the asset contract.

MPCVault UI screenshot for importing a stablecoin token -

Once added, you can custody, deposit, and withdraw stablecoins just like any other asset. To try it for yourself, here are the SBC contracts:

Flexible transaction policies

MPCVault supports flexible signing policies that fit your team. Design approval workflows based on USD volume thresholds, destination wallets, or smart contracts using distinct roles. This flexibility allows MPCVault to support treasury management for large enterprises and web3 startups while balancing security and efficiency.

To start custodying stablecoins and other assets, sign up with MPCVault. MPCVault also supports fiat on-ramping internationally and batch payments, which are often helpful for new stablecoin programs.

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  • Ben Milne | Brale
    Ben Milne
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