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Citizen Wallet is a community-focused, self-custody wallet project founded by Xavier Damman and Kevin Sundar Raj. We recently discovered it and have found it fascinating for a number of reasons. The first is that it makes the first-time experience using a new or established stablecoin very simple.

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Community focused

Citizen Wallet is designed to realize ease of use in communities using new technology. You'll notice some of the first adopters are the OAK Community, a community initiative in Oakland building an easy way to transact without all the headache of learning web3 or paying hefty fees. In many ways, this reminds us of the early days of mobile payments in Des Moines, IA. These projects typically start with a local community and then spreads to surrounding communities. You can find the different communities in the Citizen Wallet app.

List of currently available Citizen Wallet Communities -


The web app and mobile application work a lot like MetaMask, except they are preconfigured so there's no adding chains. For example, is preconfigured for SBC on Polygon. Keys are managed in the browser and can be transitioned to the mobile app.


Built-in gas abstraction

Loading gas fees is a challenging barrier to adopt, and Citizen Wallet has built configurable wallets that absorb the gas fees as a part of the experience. The Citizen Wallet team is leveraging ERC-4337 to abstract gas fees from the user experience entirely. This enables the user of the self-custody Citizen Wallet to exchange SBC or USDC without loading or paying gas fees.

Testing SBC with Citizen Wallet

The Citizen Wallet applications are available at We think their configuration can be useful for a number of community projects working to get off the ground. If you'd like to do some testing, jump into our Telegram channel and we'll help you get going. To send SBC, you can generate a voucher and the first time you open the app, you'll see the ability for someone to scan your wallet to send you Stable Coin.

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Citizen Wallet helps communities get started

The Citizen Wallet team is doing important work to help local communities exchange bespoke stablecoins without all the challenges that come with understanding the inner workings for the first time. Someone can easily onboard using Citizen Wallet and later transition to another wallet like Rainbow.

If you'd like to learn more about Citizen Wallet and see how it works, you can also join us at web3dsm this October 25th. We'll be giving a demonstration and sharing some stablecoins with attendees.

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