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Base is the foundation for everything we do. It enables your institution to create and manage stablecoins on distributed protocols. It has everything you need to get started.

Built with financial institutions in mind

We understand that when exploring the creation of stablecoins, institutions face the technical complexities of a growing list of blockchains with different tradeoffs.

While this is all technically complex, using the technology is not. Create your stablecoin across multiple chains in roughly an hour while ensuring compatibility with existing technology vendors. There's no need to learn solidity; select the desired chain from the dropdown.

Your stablecoins backed by your treasury

When creating stablecoins, one of the core primitives defined during the Mint process is the location of the treasury. The total amount in circulation is maintained to your specifications as you put additional stablecoins in circulation or remove them.

Animation showing the 1:1 relationship between Brale stablecoins in circulation and the backing treasury

Base empowers you to use the assets already sitting with your financial institution to act as your treasury alongside your existing accounting practices.

Automate where it fits

Mint and burn attestations are as automated as you desire, matched to your treasury across blockchains. Cross-chain swaps hold what we call natural supply. Natural supply ensures that only one stablecoin will exist in circulation for each stablecoin created.

Natural supply stablecoin | Brale

Compatible with the ecosystem of chains

Integrated natively with popular retail chains, Base can create new stablecoins or extend an existing private project to additional blockchains.

We've worked hard to ensure there is no lock-in to the initial blockchains you deploy on, giving you future flexibility. We intentionally didn't build a layer one and instead focused our energy on helping you create stablecoins on the chains you're already using.

First principles

This technology is the enabling functionality for creating stablecoins. We've abstracted away as much of the signing, pre-funding gas wallets, multi-sig, and new programming languages from this process so you can skip right to getting your project going.

Base is in Alpha and is still under development with design partners.

More to come

Request a demo and see what we're building.

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  • Ben Milne | Brale
    Ben Milne
  • Jared Dellitt | Brale
    Jared Dellitt
  • Rocky Warren | Brale
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    Michael McAllister
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  • Chase Merlin | Brale
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  • Kenny Miesner | Brale
    Kenny Miesner
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  • Arun Sondhi | Brale
    Arun Sondhi
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  • Andrea Roy | Brale
    Andrea Roy
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  • Ramin Wright | Brale
    Ramin Wright
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