Stablecoin attestations

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Stablecoin attestations - Brale Blog

We're happy to announce that independent attestations of SBC and USDGLO reserves are now available. Monthly attestation reports are issued by Abdo, an independent third-party accounting firm, in line with AICPA standards.

Monthly audited stablecoin reserves are now available

October attestations reports are available for SBC and USDGLO on our website, and can be downloaded below.

Daily reporting of stablecoin reserves

To support additional transparency, Brale also self-reports outstanding supply and reserves for all stablecoins on a daily basis. We think this kind of radical transparency is a feature of new digital assets. You can view ups and downs of the reserves day by day.

Glo Dollar (USDGLO) daily attestation graph - Brale

Glo Dollar (USDGLO) daily attestation as of 12/01/2023

We believe that sharing independent monthly attestations and daily self-reports meets best practices for stablecoin transparency. New stablecoin programs will benefit from this reporting infrastructure and the transparency it offers their communities.

Our reserve self attestations as well as third-party attestations are also made available to our regulators in the regular course of reporting.


  • Ben Milne | Brale
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