Announcing support for Ethereum Classic

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Announcing support for Ethereum Classic | Brale Blog

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added support for Ethereum Classic. We’re engaged with the ETC community to bring native, regulated stablecoins to Ethereum Classic to support DeFi and on-chain payments. Existing projects building with Brale can also now deploy on Ethereum Classic.

About Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic emerged in 2016 after the ETH hard fork and is one of the largest proof-of-work networks with a strong community focused on security and decentralization. Ethereum Classic recently completed network upgrades to support the growth of DeFi, gaming, and NFTs.

As the largest Ethereum-compatible proof of work network with sub $0.01 fees, Ethereum Classic is undergoing a resurgence in developer activity, hash rate, and user adoption.

Issue native regulated stablecoins on Ethereum Classic

Brale UI recording of selecting the Ethereum Classic blockchain while minting a bespoke stablecoin

Fund stablecoins with off-chain or on-chain assets while making them available for others to acquire. Stablecoins are fully backed by cash, cash equivalents, and short-term U.S. government bonds held in U.S. financial institutions. Reserves are highly liquid, supporting typical redemptions being completed within a day.

Use stablecoins on Ethereum Classic

We’re excited to support the growth of DeFi on ETC with Brale-issued stablecoins as a key primitive to support on-chain liquidity and protocols.

Fees on Ethereum Classic are well below $0.01 per transaction, making it one of the most efficient Ethereum-compatible networks for stablecoin payments. Below, we compare the cost to transfer $10,000 on Ethereum Classic vs. Ethereum and leading EVM networks.

ChainEstimated CostActual CostTxn(s)
Ethereum Classic$0.01$0.01

Stablecoins can be minted to EOAs, third-party custodians, or on-chain protocols to make them available in the ecosystem.

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Supports new stablecoins
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Brale issued stablecoins can be traded on ETCswap, the ETC networks' version of Uniswap v3. Many more protocols will be deploying on Ethereum Classic in the coming months which build on Brale's stablecoins.

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