Opportunities at Brale

The problem set

If you are interested in an opportunity at Brale, the following problem sets are likely interesting to you:

  1. How value can, could, or should move between decentralized and centralized finance
  2. How building systems more interplanetary by design can benefit billions of people
  3. How these solutions operate in symphony with the laws and regulations that support humankind
  4. Assessing contributions based on how we impact the market and the strength of our company
  5. Finding answers to questions not asked before

Everyone has something they love. For some people, it's health science. For us, it's building computers that flip the bits that power economies and create opportunity.

We have opinions

We believe the future of work should be defined by those who are doing it. The distributed nature of our team reflects the future of work and computing.

We have values

Brale is an equal opportunity employer. We value ethics, curiosity, and capability. We have salaries with a 401k, health benefits, and the things you’d come to expect from an employer in today’s age.

We are small and focused

We’re 100% distributed, everyone gets equity, and we don’t have education requirements. We seek kind, smart, and ambitious people to help us build computers that power value.

We are ready for you

If one of these positions interests you, you can apply here.

Software Engineer

You'll work in the engineering team with exceptional engineers. Your code is poetry and you take pride in its elegance and efficiency. You appreciate solid technical and product design. Brale is an engineering organization and you’ll find that reflected in our team's behavior. Our team focuses on solving complex problems with simple solutions and continuously delivering them to customers.

You enjoy solving hard problems and are willing to go deep on a variety of technical subjects for which there is no expert. You embrace the unknown and strive to understand and experiment with your solutions. Quality enables speed, so you continuously produce well-tested, modular, and readable code. You’re a member of a team and value feedback from peers.

We want to be a part of your future

We know and understand that roles change. Anyone who joins our team instantly becomes an important part of the Alumni of the company and we want to be an important partner for you in the long term. Many of us have worked together in the past and appreciate long-lasting relationships built while doing incredible work.