Create bespoke stablecoins

Base empowers your organization to deploy off chain assets on-chain in years today.

Your on-chain assets, your design.


Your Treasury, or ours

Custody your own backing assets or create stablecoins using Brale's Treasury infrastructure. Your choice.


Your brand

Create your bespoke digital asset to match your brand, ecosystem, or values.


Your workflow

Remove the complexity of working with digital assets.


You pick the ecosystems to deploy on

Your asset, your choice. Once deployed, enjoy the freedom to move assets between private networks and public blockchains.


Your team

Set up roles to monitor and administer your stablecoin.


Your digital assets are compatible with ours

SBC is the digital asset stablecoin built using Base & Treasury. Swappable with any Treasury-backed digital asset you create.

Learn more about SBC
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Base helps your team make sense of an aggregated multi-chain world where your on-chain assets exist, move, and transform.

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More to come

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