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The platform for creating stablecoins

Everything you need to launch a stablecoin you control and benefit from.

Fast & multi-chain out of the box

They say years, we say minutes. Deploy new multi-chain stablecoins at the speed of block confirmations. EVM and non-EVM chains are natively supported.

Generate revenue

We've built the first stablecoin issuance platform modeled after the tried and tested card issuance model that extends the benefits of issuance programs into protocols.

Regulated reserves

We believe in merging the newest technology with the regulatory frameworks of today, to support the builders of tomorrow.

Community focused

We focus on community impact, not market cap. If your project is a $10k cap project or a $10b cap project, we've got you covered.

Supported chains

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Launch with an ecosystem

Launch with day one integrations to support your stablecoin.

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The value add that Brale brings is immeasurable. Their Stablecoin-as-a-Service approach enabled us to issue Glo Dollar in a regulatory compliant way in a matter of weeks rather than the 6+ month process of the competition. They'll do everything they can to issue, support, and grow your stablecoin. An awesome partner to work with!

Garm Lucassen
Garm Lucassen
CTO & Co-founder, Glo Dollar

Create a stablecoin. Together.

Collaborate, plan, and build with us.